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Altadena Literary Review 2021

We're currently open for two submission opportunities. Please read submission guidelines carefully. Submitted poems may or may not be selected for publication. The decision to include submitted poems in online or print publications is at the sole discretion of the Altadena Poets Laureate.


1. 2021 Cento for Altadena: Resilience


In these challenging times, community and collaboration must be centered and uplifted. It's not one voice who will speak for many, but a tapestry of voices that must stand together. So let's write a poem together. One line at a time. Each contributor will offer a line (or couplet) on the theme of resilience, whatever that means to you. It can be a narrow or broad interpretation, a metaphor, an image, etc. The editors will arrange the lines into a poem composed by all the contributors. Please submit up to three lines or couplets for consideration.


2. Featured Poetry / Anthology Submission


We publish featured poetry on our website on a rolling basis. All poems will be considered for any future print anthologies.


How to Submit:


  • Send up to three poems in one Word document. Begin each poem on a new page. 12 pt Garamond or Times New Roman preferred.

  • Save the file name as your Last Name_First Name. For example, Doe_Jane.docx.

  • Poems may be unpublished or published.

  • For previously published work, add a note after the poem with the name of publication and date.

  • You may include a brief cover letter or bio in the body of your email, but it's not required.




Subject Line: "Submission: Featured Poetry" or "Submission: Cento"

The mission of the Altadena Poetry Review is to publish poets and writers in Altadena, Pasadena, and LA County. We encourage and uplift submissions from historically underrepresented voices including Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ, people of color, and people of diverse age groups and backgrounds.