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2 Poems by Anthony Aguero

Somewhere In-Between We Thought

We sat in a crossroads: hallway floor

With an unassuming carpet that may

Or may have not been just vacuumed.

Our legs were crossed, he had lost

His mind or was in the process of losing

It. How impersonal to pluck it off tongue

And to continue missing something:

The wallet, a wad of five dollar bills,

An orgasm he’d been expecting, pills,

Creased margins to a book promised

To have gotten back to, a few lighters,

And too many missing men or bodies:

It matters how you look at them. We sat

For what felt like a change of a season,

Discussing nothing in particular. I was

Trying to convince him the river was only

A carpet. That we weren’t floating. That

We are real. Those ghosts wouldn’t harm us.

And a thing unhinged in me, torrential.

An unexpected tier broken from me.

Something was missing. Both, he and I,

And this damage all around. A nick of

Wood. I reach for it. I place his tongue

Back into his mouth. Where’s home?

It’s here. Arms outstretched on this carpet.

He says he can feel his tongue again.



I cannot seem to love things that have been done

Against me: the coffee scolds my tongue,

Breathing on my own is a luxury to come around,

The slight mercurial taste leaves a froth

In my mouth and I worry about powerlessness

So often I don’t consider the acts

My brother has pushed against me.

He toppled many a treasure I once owned:

CD collections, frail magazine covers plastered

Against my wall as montage to my identity,

Fists swinging to actual break of the skin.

I want to hate him. He flings his arms

At the drop of a pin. The left side of his mouth

Convulses. He relinquishes all control of self

To the machinations of the brain. Infant. Lover.

Fighter. He dozes off for a hundred years

In a dream. He wakes up, the body defeated.

He teaches me to love things done against me.


Anthony Aguero is a queer writer in Los Angeles, CA. His work has appeared, or will appear, in the Carve Magazine, Rhino Poetry, Cathexis Northwest Press, 14 Poems, Redivider Journal, Maudlin House, and others.

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