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3 Poems by Allen Landver

Updated: Sep 18, 2021


Ours was a time of darkness.

Doctors turned to fathers.

Nurses to priests. Now the

howling wind of youthful sailors

has returned. Trumpets

sounding the battle cry of

Harlem girls. Bring back your

soup bowls and your bread.

The river of your ancestors is

full and the sun is no longer



The Dusty Projectors of the Angelika Theater

After the wedding

an evaluation of appropriate


On a table of glass, images

Victim to time.

but un

victim to memories removed from it


To Become

I never heard engines before motorcycles.

Never moved to New


I proclaimed my impulse at 4pm.

Like ice before water.

While others were laying

bricks under champagne.

to become


Allen Landver is a filmmaker, writer, and actor who identifies as disabled. He was born in Los Angeles to a teenage mother, and a father who sold Levi's in East Los Angeles. His parents and grandparents are all originally from Odessa and Kiev in the former Soviet Union. Allen is a graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory and an award-winning writer and actor who explores themes of identity, power, and time in his work. His favorite work of art is "The Orator" by the painter Magnus Zeller.

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