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"Abuelita dice" by Madeleine Silva

Abuelita Dice

Abuelita dice que

I have to change everything by 25.

Todo, veinte cinco.

Cambia, cumbia, ay caramba

Pero what if

No me gusta cambia.

A veces I want lo mismo.

Sometimes, siempre, Septiembre

Hay cosas que

I want to preserve

In amber, que preciosa.

Time, tiempo, no toques

Like este momento

At the kitchen table,

El corazon de la casa.

When you’re mocking my bangs

(Como se dice?)

And correcting my Spanglish.


Madeleine (Maddie) Silva is a motion picture coordinator at a Los Angeles-based management company as well as a teaching artist for WriteGirl. Her poems have been featured in Kingdom of Pavement and through ArtCenter alumni-run collective Meridian Exhibitions. A California native, her work often explores family dynamics and inherent tension between city and suburb. She tried to escape the Inland Empire but only got as far as the San Gabriel Valley. @madds_silva.

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