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"Admittance Log" by Coco

Updated: Apr 2


Coco is a Pasadena poet, public speaker, and performance artist. Her work is born of trauma and overcoming medical impossibilities. Writing is her secret to enduring. Coco is the author of Unicorn Psychosis, a collection of poetry, and has been published in Lummox 8 & 9,Lummox Special Edition Charles Bukowski Centennial Celebration, the Altadena Poetry Review (2019 & 2020), Poetic Diversity, Al-Khemia Poetica, Spectrum Publishing Issues 15 - 22, and through Animal Heart Press. Coco is Spectrum Publishing’s Historian and Fall 2019 INSCAPE Director of Operations – Chief Consulting Editor. Coco also loves being a mother, mentor, and mental health advocate.

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