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"In the sea, I see" by Anamika Basu

Updated: Apr 11

In the sea, I see

The sea awakes in the morning,

breathes a breeze of fresh air,

Waves like eyelids opening,

Dolphins brushing through her hair.

On sky, the majestic forehead I trace,

the rising sun- a dot, the ‘bindi.’

In the sea, I see a beautiful face,

“Illusion,” you say,

I say, “It’s the girl in me.”

Tides and mist of sapphire blue,

for those who stand upon the shore.

While precious pearls only for who

delve into the heart some more.

Rage churns a mighty wave,

when earth shakes under the sea.

In the sea, I see a warrior brave,

“Science,” you say,

I say, “It’s the woman in me.”

Colossal crests crash and spin,

sound music to the ears.

Sands so smooth, silk, satin skin,

A beauty, ageless through the years.

The depths reflect wisdom profound,

Life was birthed in the sea.

In the sea, I see affections abound,

“Poetry,” you say,

I say, “It’s the mother in me.”


Dr. Anamika Basu is a professor of Biology at Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree, a lecturer of Genetics at University of California, Riverside, and a scientist at Loma Linda University, CA. She has published numerous research papers in scientific journals and authored book chapters. Being a new poet from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, it was challenging but rewarding for her to step out of the comfort zone of science and venture into the world of poetry.

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