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"Justice Vision" by Josh Evans



This word rings like wedding bands around the fingers of our morality

We carry its conviction like thunder in our pockets

Waiting for the world’s villains to catch us defenseless in a dark alley

Anticipating an easy snack

We wait for wrong to happen

That we may loose justice from our skin

Like a pride of raging lions

And feel good about ourselves

We reduce justice

To vengeance

That we may transform ourselves into superheroes

But when you feel like you don’t matter

You don’t want a superhero

You want to be seen

Can you see me?

Or do you only see my anti-gravity hair

And skin with so many synonyms for Brown

That it would confuse a thesaurus

Can you see me?

Or just my wheelchair

Or the fact that English is not my first language

Or that I’m a girl

Or that I’m a boy

Or that I’m unsure

Can you see me?

Or am I just a set of descriptions to you

A math variable

Deserving whatever the consequences are

For existing on the wrong side of the equals sign

Can you see me?

Or are you the innocent bystander

Guiltily watching me be erased


Like a honeycomb or a womb

Is an environment we cultivate

A breathable atmosphere favoring no one

Where even the weakest among us can thrive

We are the arms and legs and lungs and wings

Of goodness in this world


True justice

Is soul work

And all soul work

Begins with seeing people for who they really are

Can you see me?


Josh Evans is a poet, storyteller, voice actor, and educator from Pasadena, California. He has read at Beyond Baroque, Avenue 50 Studio's La Palabra series, a Dignidad Literaria read-in, and was a feature poet in the Los Angeles Music Center's "For the Love of LA" production. Josh Evans has also performed at a plethora of engagements, including weddings, birthdays, conferences, and both private school and college events. His poems and essays have been published in the Café Con Libros inaugural anthology, Spectrum anthology, Angel’s Flight Literary Magazine, and the Los Angeles Poet Society's debut anthology "Los Angeles Poets for Justice: A Document for the People." His short story collection "Aces Wild" can be purchased on Amazon. Josh is online at talkstorytome.net and Twitter/IG/Tik Tok under @tstmGriotJosh

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