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"language arts" by Sarah Sophia Yanni

language arts

atypical: as if normalcy

trickled through this blood line;

see also inheritance.

anonymous: movement necessity;

shallow breathing.

anomaly: implies no other; implies

expectation; see also hybrid;

see also body.

abstract: rescind from

cosmology; dirt settle.

androgynous: pale head;

foggy face; delicate but

only partly.

address: a place or structure; numbered

existence; see also temporary.

abstinence: holy; pink; polite;

see also creationism.

atrophy: like bloodlines

wasting away in this

country; see also capital.

ambiguous: my tricky

definition; see also

humor; see also deflection.

agnostic: forbidden.

agitate: rubbed desert dry; festering

madness via morning news.

altruist: the claim of all the bodies

which we know; see also


ambush: knock knock

knock on the brown door; see

also heartbreak.

ambitious: dream

scale; man work;

top floor building suite.

alien: mother, father;

other; category; hated; spit drops; screech.

amateur: with

each step, we trip along

the cracks; see also

learning curve.

adapt: sweat labor;

blood labor; see also smile.

amorous: staring at california

coast wavelets; sunlit

radials; a quiet coast.


Sarah Sophia Yanni’s writing has appeared in Maudlin House, DREGINALD, Full Stop, Sumou Mag, Metatron Press’ #MicroMeta Series, and others. She is the author of the chapbook ternura / tenderness (Bottlecap Press) and serves as Assistant Editor of The Quarterless Review. A finalist for BOMB Magazine’s 2020 Poetry Contest and Poetry Online’s 2021 Launch Prize, she works in Los Angeles, where she has always lived.

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