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"Let Me Be" by Lori Wall-Holloway

Let Me Be

Let me be like the palm tree

resilient and flexible

bending back and forth

as each storm passes

with roots embedded

in the earth so deeply

no winds can knock me over

or pull me out of the ground

Never breaking, I remain

grounded in my beliefs

Let me be like a lighthouse

high on a hill

guiding others away

from rocky shores

Shining light into darkness

may I always bring hope

Let me be like a child

in awe of creation

greeting each day

with excitement and wonder

Free to laugh robustly

let me twirl, jump

and move to delightful


As joy fills my moments

may it inspire others

to join the dance

Let me sing freely

with abandon

in or out of tune

loud or soft

Filled with life

let me be the person

I was created to be


A wife, mother and proud grandmother of nine grandchildren, Lori Wall-Holloway resides in Pasadena where her poetry appears regularly in the Spectrum anthologies. She enjoys capturing moments in the lives of those she loves and hopes her work will give encouragement to subsequent generations. Her poems have been published in various publications throughout the years including the Altadena Poetry Review, Lummox and the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly.

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