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"Sacred Space" by C. Imani Williams

Updated: Aug 31, 2021


Sistas where do you go to find yourself?

How do you get to your center?

And reconnect, when faced with adversity?

I find relief in the refuge of Sacred Space

Shoes off at the door

I enter knowing I will find answers

In the solace of my private thoughts

She waits, patiently,

In expectation of my arrival and an excruciating

Deep need to exhale

Her colors soothing, she takes me in.

In tones of orange, blues, calming yellows

And power-infused purples

Powerful scents of sage and incense

Lovingly remind me

To breathe,

One, two, three deep breaths in hold...

And release

Chimes that inspire Buddhist chants offer up a soothing

Bing, bing, bing

It's in the drumbeats of Mother Africa

And in

Images of Goddesses

Framed on colorful, soft fabric

They invoke ancestral spirits

That speaks to me in hushed tones,

Reminding me

That the answers I seek are inside

Waiting on the right timing

And the placement of my Chi to come forth

From the lights adorning the sacred altar

An alter, filled with offerings

To those who have come before me

To the signs of nature

found throughout sacred space

I know I am Special.

Chosen in fact

For greatness

And that soulful peace

Is making its way back into my core.

Find your space for healing.

Make a promise to yourself... to insist on it.

Enter Sacred Space as needed,

And watch the universe pour out blessings

Earmarked just for you


C. IMANI WILLIAMS - AKA Urban Bush Sista is a poet, essayist, and published author. The Detroit, Michigan native is the founder of Standing On United Love - SOUL Project and a Certified Wellness Life Coach. Utilizing Creative Arts, Imani assists those recovering from trauma to find and use their voices to promote healing. Imani holds graduate degrees from Antioch University/Los Angeles - (Creative Nonfiction Writing), and Eastern Michigan University - (Guidance and Counseling). As a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence, Imani uses yoga, meditation and mindfulness, jewelry design and creative writing as empowerment tools for herself and others. Imani resides in Las Vegas where she infuses poetry into ceremonies as a Wedding Officiant.

Follow Imani on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imanisevolving.williams

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cimaniwilliams/

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