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Three Poems by Gerda Govine




Gerda Govine Ituarte, Ed.D. is the author of four poetry collections, Oh, Where is My Candle Hat? (English and Spanish), 2012; Alterations | Thread Light Through Eye of Storm, 2015; Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW, 2016; and Poetry in Unexpected Places, 2018. She established the Pasadena Rose Poets in 2016. She served as Editor of the Pasadena Rose Poets Poetry Collection 2019. Five of her poems are included in the award-winning collection When the Virus Came Calling COVID-19 Strikes America, September 2020. Her poetry appeared in Coiled Serpent, Dryland Magazine, Ms Aligned, Spectrum and Journal of Modern Poetry. She read at Vromans, Huntington Gardens, Last Bookstore, Rustin Group Theatre, Barnes and Noble and the World Stage. She earned an Ed.D. in Higher Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

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